Laude-Reut Educational Complex

The Laude-Reut Educational Complex, Romania (Hebrew "reut" = "friendship") is a private school located in Bucharest that provides a good opportunity for students (3-18 years old) having a good cooperation with education institutions. It hosts over 300 students in the kindergarten, lower and high school, and it has become one of the elite private schools in Romania, which have developed as a successful alternative to the public schools in the country.

The CELR students are particularly motivated in acquiring a scientific method to complex contexts and to case-study which may involve project skills through differentiated strategies, like problem solving, project-based and inquiry-based learning. Our school values are: strive for excellence, multicultural education, individual valuing and development, opportunities for everyone, involvement in community, creative partnerships.

Promoting Europe’s common values and developing ideas and activities in a European context, CELR supports multicultural education through co-operation with universities, funding programs such as the Lifelong Learning Program. With a view to encouraging lifelong learning, the CELR promotes educational programs and establishes networks, enabling students to become more active in the democratic life of their community.