Stamadianos and Partners

Stamadianos and Partners Law Firm is a modern corporate formation, established by Panayiotis Stamadianos and Emmanouil Dimogerontakis in 2019 and based in Athens. The establishment of our firm was driven by the need to combine our philosophy, experience and expertise and therefore offer full legal services to our clients. Since its establishment, the firm has been one of the most arising and promising holistic service law firms in Greece, result - oriented, committed to providing innovative solutions, and constantly adapting to the competitive legal market requirements and our clients’ needs.

Stamadianos and Partners’ staff, capitalizing on their experiences from working in corporate environments with high demand for targeted, goal-based and efficient legal solutions, decided to create a team capable of delivering legal services of high impact and value in brand new legal fields such as Data Protection Law, Intellectual Property Law, Public Law and Energy Law. The cooperation between legal advisors specialized in the field of Privacy Law, Intellectual Property law, and corporate law, synthesize a high-quality team ready to participate actively in the project. Our experience on compliance procedure with Data Protection legal framework and our academic and professional research on issues over Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis underline our relevance with the project.